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  1. Nice sandbox for understanding the various OAuth workflows
    Tags: , by windigo (2021-05-06)
  2. Democratic DNS project, adds additional TLDs
    Tags: , by windigo (2021-04-29)
  3. -
    Tags: , by windigo (2021-04-21)
  4. Interesting approach to spam blocking in postfix
    Tags: , by windigo (2021-04-21)
  5. Scope out a charity - including how spammy they are - before donating
    by windigo (2021-04-20)
  6. Dump that string into memory (again) and create a resource for it!
    Tags: by windigo (2021-04-15)
  7. Neat way to enable serial console on Debian; automatically rolls to systemd, supposedly
    Tags: , by windigo (2021-04-02)
  8. Have a USB stick full of Linux ISOs that you can boot, instead of re-writing the same USB over and over again. Wohoo!
    Tags: by windigo (2021-03-15)
  9. Verify that you are alive... or at least alive enough to check email.
    Tags: by windigo (2021-01-26)
  10. A website dedicated to swapping paperback books
    Tags: by windigo (2021-01-26)

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