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  1. A version of DOSbox that allows printing through LPTs.
    Tags: by windigo (2020-01-15)
  2. Story about a library containing all of the possible combinations of letters, numbers and punctuation in book form.
    Tags: by windigo (2020-01-15)
  3. -
    by windigo (2020-01-14)
  4. Amazing text search interface for DuckDuckGo. :D
    Tags: by windigo (2020-01-09)
  5. -
    by windigo (2020-01-06)
  6. Uploader class that smooths some of the rough edges of file uploads back in the day
    Tags: by windigo (2020-01-06)
  7. Output voice commands... with lasers!
    by windigo (2020-01-03)
  8. Neat-o AWS utility that adds a bunch of extra features, like tab completion
    Tags: by windigo (2020-01-02)
  9. Physics-based poetry, in plain text.
    by windigo (2019-12-31)
  10. Blather-like application
    Tags: by windigo (2019-12-31)

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