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  1. Automatically mount network filesystems when needed
    Tags: , , by windigo (2020-02-17)
  2. Workable VPN idea?
    Tags: by windigo (2019-12-27)
  3. -
    Tags: , , , by windigo (2019-12-27)
  4. A quick command-line tool for sharing data over a network
    Tags: , by windigo (2019-12-27)
  5. Great way to silence silly debug messages from being thrown into the admin's local mail account
    Tags: , by windigo (2019-12-27)
  6. The cool way to specify a SPF record; using the MX records set up in DNS.
    Tags: , by windigo (2019-12-27)
  7. While the high-tech approach pushes the costs and energy use of the internet higher and higher, the low-tech alternatives result in much cheaper and very energy efficient networks that combine well with renewable power production and are resistant to disruptions.
    Tags: by windigo (2019-12-19)
  8. Example of how to generate SSH keys with dropbear, for use with the dropbear client
    Tags: , by windigo (2019-12-19)
  9. Good starting point for a router upgrade
    Tags: , by windigo (2018-03-10)
  10. Web-RTC-based chat solution
    Tags: by windigo (2016-08-11)

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