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  1. Story about a library containing all of the possible combinations of letters, numbers and punctuation in book form.
    Tags: by windigo (2020-01-15)
  2. List of recommended stand-alone scifi books
    Tags: by windigo (2014-06-16)
  3. A free sci-fi book
    Tags: by windigo (2014-06-15)
  4. Though Brian Aldiss bristles at being pigeonholed as a sci-fi writer, the British author has won every major science fiction award. He has also sparked director Stanley Kubrick's imagination with the short story "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long." First published in Harper's Bazaar in 1969 and later anthologized, this tale of humanity in an age of intelligent machines and of the aching loneliness endemic in an overpopulated future is the inspiration behind Kubrick's ongoing AI project. Aldiss's story offers richly suggestive details that one hopes will make the cinematic cut. But just in case they don't, read the original.
    Tags: by windigo (2014-03-16)
  5. -
    Tags: , by windigo (2013-07-23)
  6. Good scifi books; possibly for someone living off the grid a little bit?
    Tags: by windigo (2013-07-23)

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