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  1. Nice photography that lends itself to minimal wallpapers
    Tags: by windigo (2017-08-07)
  2. Server distro with easy-mode app setup
    Tags: , by windigo (2016-07-05)
  3. Fix XP IE VMs with some drivers and black magic.
    Tags: by windigo (2013-10-07)
  4. High-res images for use in... stuff.
    Tags: by windigo (2013-06-21)
  5. Set up your handy-dandy USB drive to also double as a multi-boot thumbdrive with ISO images.
    Tags: by windigo (2013-01-30)
  6. pngquant allows you to optimize your PNG images to save tons of space by changing the color depth.
    Tags: , , by windigo (2010-10-26)
  7. Excellent way to do an image slide show with background images
    Tags: , , , by windigo (2010-07-01)
  8. In a recent blog posting, , I have looked at ways of providing alternative content to complex images without the issues surrounding Longdesc or D-Link.
    Tags: , by windigo (2009-09-09)
  9. Wonderful use of background position to "fake" preloading images. Pure CSS solution, would also reduce number of HTTP requests using the CSS "sprite" technique.
    Tags: by windigo (2009-03-26)
    Tags: by windigo (2009-02-20)

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