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  1. Mail client Brett recommended; collaborative editing features
    Tags: by windigo (2019-04-02)
  2. A compatibility layer that provides Exchange functionality to outlook clients
    Tags: , by windigo (2014-10-01)
  3. Let Dovecot take over a little more of the mailserver, if that's your cup of tea.
    Tags: , by windigo (2014-08-25)
  4. Interesting meta package for a mail server, combines a lot of good stuff.
    Tags: , , by windigo (2013-07-20)
  5. LAMP IMAP Webmail client with a purdy interface... looks like a good solution.
    Tags: , by windigo (2010-11-21)
  6. If you want email your code sends to actually arrive in someone's AOL mailbox, to the dulcet tones of "You've Got Mail!", there are a few things you must do first. And most of them are only peripherally related to writing code.
    Tags: , by windigo (2010-04-22)

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